Noble Imperial Grey

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Noble Imperial Grey is a grey marble-looking quartz from Nerostein Technistone collection.

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£ 396 tax incl.

£ 396 per m2

  • 3050 x 1440 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm (built-up edge)
  • polished

  • Description

    Quartz is an artificial stone and is a mixture of approximately 93% of stone aggregates and 7% polyester resin and colour pigments. Quartz is typically worked in the same way as natural stone using a water jet cutter or a diamond blade. Quartz has very similar properties to natural granite, but is typically less porous, more flexible and has a wider choice of colour. Since it has a uniform internal structure, it does not have hidden cracks or flaws that may exist in natural stone. The polyester resins are not completely UV stable and quartz should not be used in outdoor applications. Continuous exposure to UV can cause discoloration of stone. As it is stain- and scratch-proof it is an excellent choice for kitchen. Nonporous.

    You can calculate the exact price for your worktops with our Autoquote feature. Alternatively you can send us your kitchen plan or just call us. Measuring up and installation service are included in the price.

    Delivery time is 1-2 weeks after measuring up. For measuring up your kitchen units should be in place.

    Care-free Maintenance

    Our stone surfaces will keep their enduring luster and beauty for years to come, with minimal effort. Warm water and a splash of mild detergent is all that´s required to keep them looking their best, and to make things even easier – there´s no need to wax or seal. Quartz is probably the easiest worktop surface to care for and keep clean. Though specialized quartz care products could make the process easier and may give the worktops an extra shine. Never use abrasive cleaning products to clean your quartz worktops. Due to low porosity quartz worktops are very hygienic and it is almost impossible for germs and bacteria to breed.

    Temperature Control

    Quartz is highly heat resistant and is both durable and hard-wearing. But even quartz surfaces need protection from very high temperatures – a pad or trivet placed between worktop and hot object will do the trick.

    Quartz is is not affected by temperatures lower than 150 degrees. However, like all stone material, quartz can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes.

    Therefore, we suggest that hot pots and pans never be directly placed on the surface. We also recommend a hot pad or trivet be placed on the surface under cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots, or roaster ovens.

    Remove even stubborn spills and stains easily

    Life´s inevitable spills and stains can usually be cleaned up effortlessly with soap and water. More stubborn stains may require a putty knife or non scratch pad or specialized stone care products.

    It´s important to be aware that like any other surface, quartz can be permanently damaged if exposed to strong chemicals and solvents that can damage its physical properties. Never clean your quartz surface with products that contain Trichlorethane or Methylene chloride, such as paint removers or strippers.

    Avoid the use of highly aggressive cleaning agents such as oven/grill cleaners and dishwasher polishing agents that have high alkaline/pH levels (pH 8.5 or higher). Products containing oils or powders may leave a residue and should be rinsed off thoroughly.

    Should your surface accidentally be exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with clean water to neutralize the effect.