About us

In Nerostein we believe that stone is by far the best material for kitchen worktops, be it natural stone, quartz or ceramics. Stone is durable, beautiful and practical. To be honest, the only downside is the price - stone worktops are more expensive than the more common laminate worktops. Our mission in Nerostein is to make stone worktops affordable. The key is being efficient in the production. Big quantities and the best machines in the market make the difference. Our production facility is just outside of Tallinn, Estonia. Production costs in Estonia are lower than in our target markets. That gives us another advantage before our competition. We believe in a high quality product. A high quality product is perhaps the best marketing tool and therefore helps us to grow.

Our company

Nerostein started in March 2015. Good equipment and enthusiastic employees made it possible to offer customers the best product from the beginning and we soon achieved the position of market leader in Scandinavia. We are currently producing about 600 kitchens weekly.

Currently we have 5 saw machines, 23 CNC machines, 4 water-jet machines and 5 edge polishing lines in 8000 square meters of production area. Our production is environmental friendly, water in production is cleaned and re-used, production waste is handled by certified partners.

Our team

Out of 310 employees 150 are in production, 60 in sales and backoffice, 100 in installation. 

Our materials

Currenty 57% of the Nerostein production is quartz, 35% ceramics, 7% granite and marble and 1% Terrazzo. In the coming years we expect the percentage of ceramics to grow significantly as it seems to be the new trend. Our selection of natural stone includes the most popular colours from quarries all over the world. In our selection of quartz we have both the premium brands like Caesarstone and Silestone, but also the more economical brands like Technistone. All these brands use the patented Breton technology ensuring the highest quality product. In ceramic selection we have included perhaps the best known brand Dekton from Cosentino and also Marazzi and Nuoco Corso.

Nerostein is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 28000 certified.

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